What can you hear?

Close your eyes for a minute and listen.  What can you hear?

I can hear

the kitchen clock ticking

kookaburras laughing

The rolling surf-on-sand sound of cars  heading to work

Have you ever listened to distant traffic and thought how much it sounded like the surf?  I have.  And still do. When I was young  I’d stay at my grandparents’ house and fall asleep  listening to the traffic and imagining I was back on holidays with my family.  Holidays spent at Johnson’s flats under the lighthouse at Watego’s Beach  and where I’d fall asleep  listening to  the waves  crashing on the shore and counting the  seconds between each sweep of the  lighthouse.  No sheep then, only goats.

Take a minute to listen. 

What can you hear?

Where does your minute take you?

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